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Fathers' rights in a custody dispute involving unmarried parents

Unmarried fathers in Ohio may be wondering what their rights are regarding their children under state law. Current state law was drafted with the understanding that both fathers and mothers have valuable contributions to the child-rearing process, and therefore both fathers and mothers, including unmarried fathers and mothers, have rights under Ohio law regarding the raising of their children.

Property rights for unmarried couples -- Part II

An unmarried couple that plans to live together and share a home very commonly decides to buy the house together. The various methods in which the couple can co-own a property in Ohio has been discussed previously and this blog post will go into greater detail. What must be noted initially is that if a couple is not married, having their documentation in order is even more important than it is for a married couple -- since there is no legal basis under which the unmarried couple will immediately be entitled to the property in the event of a breakup or death of the partner.

Property rights for unmarried couples -- Part I

With the rise in divorces, many couples often feel that marriage is not the ultimate commitment. There are more and more couples in Ohio opting to live together and build a life together without signing the legal documents required for marriage. Couples who are cohabitating often also buy property together and may also have children.

Resolving Ohio child custody issues for unmarried fathers

Given the emotional stake of the outcome of an Ohio child custody battle, this part of a divorce proceeding often becomes a campaign of legal wrangling by both parents. However, when the parents of the child at the center of the battle are not married, advocates for fathers' rights often believe that these fathers are at a greater disadvantage to win a custody battle. Unfortunately, mothers are most often awarded primary custody by the court.

How can unmarried fathers in Ohio attain child custody?

Regardless of whether a child's parents are married or not, biological fathers in Ohio, and the rest of the country, have the right to appeal for custody of their child. As with any child custody case, a court will make its decisions based on what is in the best interests of the child. Courts aim to grant both parents visitation rights since it would be in the best interest of the child, unless there is evidence to prove otherwise.

Unmarried couples may have some unique legal disputes

Unmarried couples often face greater problems dealing with child custody issues than their married counterparts. In some cases, the paternity of the child may be disputed. Jason P. Reese has helped many unmarried couples petition for acknowledgment of paternity or even petition for the establishment of paternity in the Canton, Ohio, area.

Canton may be a great place for single mothers

Single parents often have a more difficult challenge than couples when it comes to raising their children. Like anything else in life, shared parenting is easier than trying to raise a child alone. In addition to the emotional upheavals and stress that the person may face by having to do everything without help, the financial aspects of raising a child may be devastating for many single parents. Ohio state authorities have designed financial aid programs for many single mothers who do not have enough financial resources.

Guiding unmarried couples toward the best custody decisions

Many Ohio families are familiar with the challenges that accompany ending a marriage through divorce. But that does not mean unmarried couples are free from worrying about such trials. Issues related to divorcing married couples and unmarried couples who break up are somewhat the same. This might be even more accurate if the unmarried couple has a child.

Changes in family law structures involve unmarried couples

Everything continues to evolve nowadays, from technology to fashion to family dynamics. This change is reflected by the number of divorce cases filed every year and the different family law issues that affect family values, society and law. In fact, a recent study has revealed that non-traditional family structures, such as unmarried couples and single-parent homes, are becoming the norm.

What should unmarried couples do when buying a house?

Unmarried couples in Ohio may face all kinds of legal issues when considering starting a family or purchasing a home. For example, children fathered outside of marriage always provide interesting and sometimes involved child custody and parenting issues in the event the unmarried couple separates. On the other end of the spectrum, for an unmarried couple purchasing a home, just like child custody battles, buying a new home may bring conflicts and issues if unmarried couples separate because that house will most likely be their biggest asset.

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