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Marriage to Lachey is Simpson's worst financial mistake?

Breaking up is hard to do. This is especially true when there are major assets that must be divided between two people. Money is a major source of arguments during the course of many relationships and marriages. These battles take on greater intensity when two people decide to divorce.

Ohio parents cough up casino winnings to pay back child support

When a court orders a parent to pay child support, it does so with the best interest of the child in mind. Therefore, when a non-custodial parent is either late sending child support payments or does not pay at all, it is the child whose best interests are affected. In order to address this issue, authorities across the United States have a number of ways in which to enforce a child support order and to collect the child support payment.

Unpaid child support can land a delinquent parent in jail

If a court orders a parent to pay child support, it always does so with the best interest of the child in mind. Therefore, if a non-custodial parent does not comply with a child support order, the law considers that the person has committed an offense. In child support delinquency cases, both under Ohio and federal laws, courts take strict action against delinquent parents, including ordering the delinquent parent to serve time in jail.

Stepparent adoption can be a smooth process

Ohio residents would agree that adoption is sometimes a necessity, particularly in the event that a person marries a person who already has children. On such an occasion, an individual may need to adopt the child of the new spouse. At that time, an adoptive parent may have questions regarding the legal requirements as well as the possible consequences of a stepfather or stepmother adopting the child. In that type of situation, it may be a good idea to contact an experienced Ohio attorney who can provide legal advice in all adoption-related matters.

Who is eligible to adopt a child in Ohio?

Adoption is a blessing to many childless couples. In Ohio, more than 2,500 children are waiting to be adopted. The good news is that more than 1,000 children are finding new homes with foster and adoptive families each year. Adoptive families include not only foster families but also biological relatives of the eligible children. So how does an individual in Ohio start his or her adoption journey?

Representation for complex family law matters in Ohio

Many Canton residents are embroiled in lawsuits that involve different aspects of family law. The subject of these lawsuits may include divorce proceedings, allegations of domestic violence, child support, child custody cases or a variety of other family law matters. Experienced legal representation may be the key to success for people who are struggling through these issues. Over the last decades, attorney Jason P. Reese has successfully represented many Canton residents in such cases.

Ohio releases January 1964 to September 1996 adoption records

According to a law passed in 1963, the state of Ohio sealed adoption records starting from January 1, 1964, until September 18, 1996. After several years of advocacy, Ohio legislators have passed a bipartisan bill in the 130th General Assembly, which sought to release the records of adoptions that were completed during the aforementioned period. After a 15-month implementation period, the adoption law finally took effect on March 20, 2015 and makes Ohio the ninth state to have such legislation.

What does Ohio family law says about spousal support?

Spousal support is a critical family law issue in Ohio and throughout the United States because of the potential financial impact of divorce to non-earning spouses. Upon divorce, the assets, properties and liabilities of the couple would be subject to division. The outcome of asset distribution may not always be favorable for each spouse. If a spouse gave up a career to focus on the marital household and care of the children, the end of the marriage may bring financial problems.

Teaching Ohio stepparents about step parenting mistakes

It used to be the case that they stereotypical American family had a mother, father and their children. However, this is far from the truth. These days not all households fit this stereotype, including many in Ohio. Some children are being cared for by single parents because of divorce or separation, although the children may have visitation with the other parent. There are also blended families. These families may consist of one parent with a child or children living under the same roof as a new partner who also has children. Given the number of divorces that take place around the country every year, more and more children experience such family settings.

Making sure family law issues do not become nightmares

Many Ohio residents may think that dealing with some family law issues is not very pleasant, based on what they have read and witnessed from other cases. Although addressing child custody issues, negotiating child and spousal support and dealing with domestic violence are never pleasant, they don't have to be fodder for nightmares. Our Akron-based law firm is aware of how difficult family law issues can be for Ohio residents, so we stand ready to guide and protect their interests.

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